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Out of Print

Most of our books sell out within 1 year or less, and the majority of our catalogue is out of print. We currently have no plans to reprint any of the books from our back catalogue, but instead focus on creating newer better books. If you do have our older book, bags, prints, hold on to them! They are rare treasures! In 2017, we will be setting up an archive on the web of our rare items. Look forward to that!

Shipping Questions

We ship from both Sweden and the US, so we are able to offer domestic shipping rates for orders within the USA and Sweden. For International orders, we ship from Peow HQ in Sweden. US and Swedish orders can take up to 7-14 business days to arrive, and International orders can take up to 21 days. If you are ordering a bunch of things at the same time, it might be good to email us so we can figure out exact shiping for you so you won't have to pay too much!

Peow History

Peow was founded by Patrick Crotty, Elliot Alfredius, and Olle Forsslöf, starting out as Sweden's first and best dedicated Riso print shop. We moved into making comics in 2013. Since the start, we tried our hardest to make our favorite comics with really good production values and here we are now. We work with a super-wide range of artists from all around the world, focusing on bringing weird exciting books out into the world.

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