Sept 27-30 - Bokmässan - Göteborg, Sweden

Dec 8-9 - CALA - Los Angeles, CA

Nov 3 - Short Run - Seattle, WA

Nov 16 - 18 - Anime NYC - New York, NY

Nov 24 - Comic Arts Brooklyn - Brooklyn, NY

July 2018

Sim Sim Magica is back in stock after a printing error in the first print run. We have our fall festival line up pretty ready to go which is exciting, and we have 3 new books coming out very soon. Junky reprint, Mami, a secret book from Jane Mai, and Heat by Jean Wei, it's very exciting and we hope to see you all at SPX or any of our other fall festivals!

April 2018

The shop is now open worldwide, though, with our new shipping system, there are some items that are now comic festival ONLY, including Croix Point. In other news, we have 2 confimed books now coming out in May. Dark Angels of Darkness and Sim Sim Magica. They're debuting at TCAF so if you are in Canada, see you there!

March 2018

Yay! We re-opened up our shop! Hopefully, everything should work, but if you find any bugs or problems, please email us at contact (at ) peowstudio.com so we can look into it. In other news, we have a couple of books that are on the horizon. Mami, by Diigii Daguna, Sim Sim Magica by Chu Nap, and Dark Angels of Darkness by Alex Gouin Fafard.