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Stages of Rot PRE-ORDER!

Ships May 23

Linnea Sterte

152 pages / Full color / Offset / 17,5 x 22 cm

This fantastical sci-fi/fantasy is brimming with mystique and life, recognizable - but still very different from anything you've read before. Around the carcass of a whale gathers different forms of life to find food, shelter and to survive.

220 sek + shipping

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Rule Break PRE-ORDER!

Ships May 23

Anna Syvertsson

52 pages / 2 colors / Offset / 15 x 20 cm

An autobiographical comic journal that tells the life of Anna. She goes to art school, she talks to friends, she has a cat, sometimes she plays brännboll. This doesn’t sound fun? Well it is, we bet you will probably lol out loud and love it. Anna is our favorit funny comic person and she will be yours to.

100 sek + shipping

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Ripples NEW!

Wai Wai Pang

150 pages / 1 color / Offset / 15 x 21.6 cm

A detective story, like if Twin Peaks was less scary and more bizarre in a cute way. And in Britain. First time debut from Wai Wai Pang, this book was highly anticipated in big UK newspaper The GUARDIAN, and now we can read it.

140 sek + shipping

Internal Affairs (3)

Patrick Crotty

192 pages / 2 color / Offset / 15.2 x 21 cm

Follow a group of unpaid interns tasked with infiltrating an office complex and destroying a powerpoint presentation that could potentially ruin the world. Don't miss the most exciting self-help book ever!

160 sek + shipping

Croix Point

Valentin Seiche

52 pages / 3 color / Offset / SPECIAL BOX

A super special box set! 3 things in one! A new 50 page book exporing the Blue Soldiers Army, 1 of 5 collectible pins from the World Pin Series two AND a free digital copy of the original World.

130 sek + shipping

Wrecked Hearts

Mathilde Kitteh & Luca Oliveri

152 pages / 1 & 4 color / Offset / 12.5 x 19 cm

Sci-fi Dark Shojo! Did you know people can have feelings in space! This book is 2 stories set in the Wrecked Ship universe, with shape shifting android-cats, hockey on Mars, high-school crushes, sexy dreams, and futuristic book production.

Sold out


Guillaume Singelin

220 pages / 2 & 4 color / Offset / 18 x 23.5 cm

A massive book filled with illustrations from young master Gillaume S. The book has a full length commentary from the artist, giving his wisdom on how he got to be so cool at drawing. The book is beautiful.

220 sek + shipping


The World

Valentin Seiche

78 pages / PDF

Digital Version of THE WORLD. A tale of a grand battle between wizzards and soldiers, and the aftermath, 1000 years later. The story gets deeper in Croix Point, (actually a free download of this is included in Croix Point!)



SUPER Pond Smelt

Jane Mai

60 pages / 300 dpi

The SUPER digital edition with 20 plus bonus pages!! Janey moves in to a new town with a bunch of animal people and tries to make new friends with a wolf. It's almost like in the game Animal Crossing. But life is hard, isn't it!



Funny Kiss NEW!

Patrick Crotty

4 Color riso print

A silly print we made for an art show. We have a few left, very limited edition. It's cute and cheap.

130 sek + shipping

EXTRA ZONE Webcomics!

Devil Maybe Cry NEW!

by P.Crotty

Dante from Devil May Cry kidnaps a kid and flies away. Its up to Devil and Bibi the incredibly small witch to get him back! A new 6 pg chapter uploads each week!


310,310 NEW!

by Mushbuh

An archaeology student is making massive new discoveries through digging. But moneys are dangling in How do you become a good digger student ? Find out in 310,310!